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What Does Success Really Mean?

There is an undeniable fact that life will throw unexpected challenges your way. These challenges will teach us how to navigate the landscape of change because constant change is an essential aspect of life. Change compels us to face difficulties with dignity and grace by engaging our willpower to overcome. When we find our inner strength, we can channel how committed we are to seeing a project through to find our way to success, whatever that may look like. The old cliché “easier said than done”, may cross our minds from time to time but in order to find out if we truly have what it takes to endure, we must go through the fire that refines, build and grows us into the maturity we need to find our purpose.

Success isn’t always measurable in an abundance of finances. Success is when you’ve realized that you have found that thing which makes life meaningful for you. Period. Reading to tots at the local library, serving in a food pantry, checking on elderly neighbors or building habitat homes are just some ways to give back and explore what success could be in your life. It looks different for everyone because we are all not made to work in the same vineyard. However, when we collectively attach ourselves to our destiny; it is a benefit to everyone.

We can stay motivated through inspirational words of encouragement, positive thinking, attending seminars, workshops or even church to consistently channel how to remain focused. Success is not always the manifestation of material things; it is having the power within to change how you think and fight back with creative solutions that will work within the confines of the situation. The purpose of adversity is to stretch our capabilities making us mentally stronger. We have to keep the idea in front of us that stagnation is the enemy of success. It will seduce us into a place of self sabatoging complacency if we are not paying attention.

By the same token, failing isn’t failure. Failing means a lesson was learned and a new avenue must be taken to find the achievement we crave. You definitely need effective action to counter act the pain of failure, not just simple platitudes. Failing is the mirror we need to not only humble us: but to show us where we need to improve thereby infusing us anew to stand up, work hard, and not lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Tell yourself that you deserve those big dreams; because you do! Remind yourself that you have the mental capacity to make your ideas come to life. You are the master of your future but you must also learn who you are, what you want and lay out a sustainable plan to for it to emerge. Keep in mind there will be difficult days and there will be days you may just want to give up but that doesn’t mean for a second that you are unable to do it.

Be authentically amazing. Be authentically you..

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